I like all forms of art and have been drawing and painting for as long as I could hold a pencil or paintbrush. My first real work of art was a pencil drawing of a golden eagle at the age of 7, which hung on a wall in the main entrance to our school hall.

I managed to learn cartography in the army and also became the Regiment’s only printer draughtsman for 3 years.

Whilst living in the Isle of Man I turned my hand to wood carving and sculpture and have created a number of items ranging from a 3 foot Celtic cross carved from 15 year old Scots pine from a storm damaged tree in Druidsdale plantation, to tree spirits. I enjoy designing and carving Welsh Love Spoons and personalize each one to the recipient.

I joined the Isle of Man Art Society in 2010 and once again rekindled my love for drawing and painting, experimenting in different mediums.

And to top it all off I now have an excellent DSLR camera and have started to build up a collection of photographs, which I mainly used as inspiration for my art work.

You can view some of my most recent paintings in Nobles Hospital (Isle of Man), opposite the Pathology department.

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